Nordic Cup Vermont

June 18, 2018

The FU11’s went away to Stowe, Vermont this weekend for the Nordic Cup.  After a first great win 3-0 vs a strong Massachusetts team, they fell 5-0 to a very strong New York team.


Exhausted , short benched with two subs and high temperatures , they played their third game and dominated the play but couldn’t finish enough .  Thinking they fell short, they were on their way home when the organizers confirmed they made it to the finals .


Rushing back to play the finals, not everyone was able to come back.  With no subs, this group defied the odds , and played their best game of the year with 0 subs, at half time down 1-0, their keeper went off with a mild concussion.  Playing a well organized , tactically flawless low block, adapted extremely well to a challenge the coach had given them, the other team who had beaten them 5-0 had no answers this time.  playing to a draw, they finally fell in extra time .  They came home with the silver medal 🥈 and the organizers voted that game the best game of the tournament .  #proudcoach#FU11Hawks#SilverMedaliists #Courage


Coach Lex

St-Lazare Hudson Soccer Club
St-Lazare Hudson Soccer Club